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Today's activity is sentence writing for Supertato!


Following yesterdays oracy activity we would like your child to write a sentence for key parts of the Supertato story.


To begin, look at the pictures from the story ‘Supertato’ and recap on the events and what happened. Ask your child to order the events of the story starting from the first picture in the story, until the last.  


Next, ask your child to choose three pictures of their choice from the story that they would like to write about.  Stick the first picture on the lined template provided for you below. 

Ask your child to explain what is happening in the picture and together compose a sentence that is achievable in length. Learning to compose a sentence is a skill all in itself! 


There are many tricky words throughout the story so we have provided a word wall to help with this (feel free to add your own words throughout the activity as needed). You can of course help your child to find these words to copy but it would be most beneficial to ask them to listen for the first sound they can hear and look for the word beginning with this sound. 

Throughout this writing task try to encourage your child to try and use their own sounds to attempt to write other words themselves. Please do not worry if your child spells a word incorrectly - it doesn't have to be spelt correctly, just written using the phonic sounds that they know. This is a crucial stepping stone in their writing - spellings will come later!  We would also ask that you support and encourage the use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces where appropriate and able.


Need a stepping stone?

If you feel your child will find three sentences too challenging an alternative template has been provided. Ask your child to choose one picture of their favourite part and to complete the sentence ‘I liked it when…..’  It is about quality not quantity! 

Need a further challenge?

If your child is a more confident writer they could extend their work by extending the amount of pictures they write about. Try to ensure that there is an even spread across the story. Alternatively you can work on including more 'wow' words (adjectives) to make their writing more exciting!