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Today's focus is 'Beth sy’n bod? What’s the matter?'


Following the introduction of vocabulary for Welsh body parts this week, we would like your child to have a go at using this information to record some sentences in welsh.


Below we have provided a series of sheets that show superheroes with an injury (this is indicated with a red circle). Each superhero is trying to explain what is wrong. We would like your child to refer to the word mat we have provided to identify the correct body part, they can then use this to complete the sentence in writing. 

Need a stepping stone?

The stepping stone for this activity requires your child to match each speech bubble to the correct superhero by drawing a line to connect the two. Read each sentence aloud and draw attention to the word in bold. Can they find this word on the word mat to help them find the correct superhero. If your child's confidence has been built through this stepping stone then have a go at completing the sentences in the activity above. 

Need a further challenge?

Below are the same series of superheroes with blank speech bubbles. As a further challenge we would like your child to complete these speech bubbles as a full sentence. There is a sentence template at the bottom of the word mat to help your child construct their sentences. Remember to talk through the sentence first to build their knowledge of welsh vocabulary and linking this to words as children will not be able to sound out the words as they do not know the welsh alphabet, they will be learning this via word recognition.