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We have been very busy designing a number of products for our superheroes; HQs, capes, cuffs, slippers etc but there's one thing that we haven't designed yet! 

Most superheroes have alter egos which means that when they are not being a superhero they may have 'normal' lives or jobs. Think of Spiderman who is just a school boy or Superman who is a news reporter.  It is important for them not be recognised when they turn into Superheroes. They need a disguise! 


Ask your child what disguises most Superheroes have to hide their faces. (masks) Can they think of the different types of masks. (Some have a mask that just covers their eyes, others cover the whole face) Are these masks just for disguise? (They might protect them too) 


Ask your child if they can design and create their own mask. 

Ask them to think about the materials they are going to use e.g. old fabric, paper, foam, cardboard paper plate.

How are they going to work out where to put the eye holes?

What are they going to use to fastened it to their head? String, elastic, wool, headband

What colour do they want their mask to be? Is it going to match the cape they decorated on Purple Mash? 

Are they going to have a logo on it? 

Are they going to paint, felt pen, crayon it?

Are they going to collage anything onto it?


Remember, we're not expecting them to look perfect, we just want the children to have the opportunity to use their creativity, their imagination, and with some fine motor skills thrown in! 


We would love to see them (or maybe their teddies if they are shy!)  wearing the masks when they are finished so upload them to Purple Mash for their teachers to see! 


Need a stepping stone?

Attached below are templates for  your child to use if needed and some photographs for ideas. 


Need a further challenge?

Ask your child if they can draw their design before making it. Can they label it using their sounds? Are they then able to follow their design?  If not, discuss what changes they made and why.  (They may not have had the right materials or colours for example)