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Today it is Chinese New Year – Dragons in the City!


Today millions of people across the world are celebrating Chinese New Year!  To help you find out more about this vibrant celebration, we have provided a story for you to read with your child called Dragons in the City. This story explores some of the many Chinese New Year traditions through the eyes of a little girl Bo who is celebrating with her family.


You can access PowerPoint software through the 'hwb' on 'Office 365' by logging into your child's account if you don't already have this installed on your device.

After reading through the story we would like you to use the talk cards provided below to enhance your child’s understanding about the different celebrations that take place during Chinese New Year.

One of the traditions mentioned in the story is that of the Chinese wishing tree. Every year those who celebrate Chinese New Year tie their wish to an orange and hang it on the wishing tree with hope that it will stick and their wish will come true for good fortune in the following year.


On the template provided we would like your child to write a wish of their own that they would like to come true. Can they colour in the orange and tie their wish on with a red ribbon/string/coloured paper?

Need a stepping stone?

If needed you can scribe your child’s wish for them to copy onto the template. Remember to talk through this asking what sounds they can hear. When copying out the sentence try to encourage correct letter formation and placement of letters on the lines.

Need a further challenge?

You could challenge your child to either write a few sentences, on the template provided, to answer the final question in the talk cards or develop their answers further using a wider range of vocabulary. What would they most look forward to doing at Chinese New Year? Why?