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Amazing Animals


We really enjoy our Amazing Animals topic and we hope you have has a fun week learning all about pets. 

Can you talk to your grown up about all the different types of animals you want to find out about over the next half term?  Perhaps you could make a thinking map with pictures and sounds and share it on Purple Mash so that we can see all your ideas. 

Listen to this BBC radio programme to give you some ideas about the animals you might want to find out about.

Pre-Writing Shapes


We practise our pre writing shapes every day in Nursery.  It is very important to master them before we start to write letter shapes.

This link shows you all the shapes that we create using chalk, pens and crayons but also in a shallow tray of sand, flour or dried pulses.


Can you use the last page of 'Aaaargh Spider' to help you and your grown up draw lots of spider webs? 

Start with a small circle then draw a larger one around it, then a larger one, then a larger one! 

Ask your grown up to show you how to draw the supporting strands starting in the middle and going all the way to the edge of the webs. 

Can you make big webs and small webs? 

Can you draw a pet spider on each web?

How many legs does each spider have?