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Pet Parade - Let's Get Moving and Grooving!

How many different ways can you move? Can you walk? crawl? hop? jump? Try doing these different actions slowly and then try doing them fast! Can you do them backwards as well as forwards! See if you can get your grown up to join in and get moving with you.


Pets are very good at moving too! Think about all the different types of pets you have been learning about this week and see if you can create a pet dance to show as many different ways of moving and grooving. 


We're sure that you can think of lots of actions yourself but here are some to get you started ...


Slither like a snake!

Bounce like a rabbit!

Scurry like a hamster!

Pounce like a cat!

Run like a puppy!

Wiggle like a goldfish!


Can you think of a piece of music that you could perform your pet dance to?


Dancing always makes us feel happy. Here is one of our favourite pieces of music to dance to in school. Try performing your pet dance to this ... and remember even if your grown up says NO they don't really mean it! Get them up dancing too we're sure they'll feel happy if they do!

Pharrell Williams - Happy

Songs and Rhymes

CBeebies Songs | My Pet and Me

Ferne and Rory from My Pet and Me are singing some of their favourite songs!