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You will need:

number cards 0-10

11 pegs

string to make a pretend washing line

glove puppet or teddy

container or box

shredded paper, pasta shapes or cereal pieces!

6 items to hide


Warm Up Activity

For today's warm up activity choose your favourite warm up activity from the week to practise or you could practise them all again! Have fun!

Counting items removed from a set

Practise counting to 6 and then on to 10, using fingers.

Set up a pegged number line with the numbers 0-10 out of order. 

Tell your child that this time Naughty Pet has messed up the number line and he needs their help to put all the numbers back in order!

Encourage your child to suggest how you can do this. They may suggest unpegging all the numbers, or they may want to peg ʻ0ʼ before the number currently in the first position, etc. Discuss how it is best to reorder the cards.

Start counting to 10 (... remembering to start at zero each time!) 

Ask, What number do we say first? Agree that it is 0. Unpeg the card that is in the first position on the number line and give it to your child to hold. Peg 0 in the first place.

Count on from 0, and say one. Peg 1 in the second place, giving the number that was in the second position to your child to hold.

Continue like this until the numbers 0 to 10 are in order. Count together along the line.

Turn all the cards on the line round to show the plain backs. Ask your child how many cards there are. Count them together and agree that there are eleven.

Say that you are going to take some cards and ask your child to count them as you unpeg them. One at a time, remove three cards from random positions.

Ask, How many cards have I unpegged? Agree that you have taken three cards. Replace the three cards on the number line.

Repeat by removing different numbers of cards.


Remember you can reduce or extend the quantity and value of the number cards you are using to match the ability level of your child.

Counting items in a set

Give your child 6 items  e.g. Lego blocks, shells, sweets in a wrapper such a Fruit Tella (other brands are available!) ... it can be anything that you have at home! Ask them to hide them in the container of shredded paper/pasta shapes/cereal pieces ... again you can use anything that you have at home! A super fun but super messy option is burying the items in shaving foam!!! 

(To create a pile of shredded paper your child could snip up old newspaper. This would be an excellent way for them to practise their fine motor scissor cutting skills.)

Model hunting for them and counting aloud as you unearth each item.

Ask, Do you know how many we have found so far? And how many now? Once you have found five or six items, lay these out in a line and count them.

Now bury the items and ask your child to find them.


How Many Pets?

Any counting activities in Nursery are best done practically but if you would like to practise on paper there are two worksheets below.  Once your child has counted the line of pets then use a yellow felt tip pen to form the number in the box and help your child to trace over it in pencil.