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Today is where your child gets to turn into a superhero!


(Child’s name) the Superhero

To complete today’s writing task you will need your ‘I am Special’ word bank that you created yesterday to refer to.

Using the template provided below, or creating your own on paper if you are unable to print or would prefer, ask your child to write their own name on the line provided in the title. Remind them that this needs to begin with a capital letter and letters to face the right way. We hope that by this point in the year that all children can write their name independently. 


Using the word bank created yesterday encourage your child to write a few sentences, using their chosen words as prompts, explaining why they are indeed superheroes themselves. These can begin with:

I can …

I like …

I am good at …

I help others by …


Throughout this writing task try to encourage your child to try and use their sounds to attempt to write words themselves (you can always write underneath once they have finished) as this allows assessment of which sounds they are able to identify. Don't worry if it misses letters out or means that the word is spelt incorrectly. We would also ask that you can support and encourage the use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in writing. 


Need a stepping stone?

If you feel that your child that your child may find this challenging to record full sentences then a second template sheet has been provided with these sentence starters already in place. They can finish each of the sentences (in some cases the words from their work bank alone will suffice).  Don't stress about capital letters, full stops or finger spaces, just focus on modelling using finger spaces and using these where possible. 


Need a further challenge?

Once complete go through the writing your child has done and ask them to read it back. Reading back what they have written is a big step in writing. It helps children to understand that sentences need to be clear, and that no words are forgotten so that what they have written makes sense. Many when reading back what they have written will just say what they think that they have written rather than actually decode.  Be careful however that if you can see that your child's sentences have many errors that perhaps you just focus on one thing - it is important that children have their self-esteem and confidence boosted and that they remain motivated to write. For example, if they commonly forget finger spaces they can try to find where they should go together and with light discussion talk about why they are important and use it as a target for their next piece of writing.