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Developing Pencil Control - Flying Ladybirds!


Can you find the page in What the Ladybird Heard where the little ladybird is whispering into each animal ear?  Trace the lines to show where she flies with your finger as she twirls and whirls around the page.


Can you draw a little ladybird in the corner of a large piece of paper? Now choose a brightly coloured pen and draw a line, keeping your pen on the page, for the ladybird to follow, looping and whirling all over the page. 

Next, draw another ladybird in the opposite corner.  Choose a different colour of pen and draw a looping, curling line for that ladybird all over the page.  Can you draw another two ladybirds and, using other colours, draw lines for them to follow too?

More ideas...

If you have chalk at home you could draw ladybird flight paths on a hard surface outside.

Make gloop/ooblick (cornflour and water mixed into a thick paste) then spread it on a non porous surface (a tray or, if you are feeling brave, let it loose on the table!) and try to draw the longest continuous squiggle that you can before the gloop oozes over and your pattern disappears!

Spread flour or sugar on a tray and draw squiggles and shapes with either your finger or a paintbrush.