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Zig Zag letters


The last group of letters to practise are called Zig Zag letters and when you look at them, you will understand their name. 


Zig zag letters are    vwx  and  z 


They are all written with a diagonal line. Diagonal lines are straight lines but they go across rather than straight up and down. When you watch this video, practise writing them in the air with your finger. Can you make giant zig zag letters and then tiny zig zag letters?


Did you manage to keep the diagonal line straight?


Practise writing them on the letter formation sheet. 


How many words can you think of that include zig zag letters? Using lined paper, can you write them down forming all of the letters correctly? 10 words would be good but 20 would be incredible.


Happy zig-zagging Year 1!

Zig Zag letter formation sheet