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Well done Year 1. You have practised all the letters of the alphabet in their handwriting families. You can now form long ladder letters, one armed robot letters, curly caterpillar letters and zig zag letters correctly, knowing where to start and where to finish.


This week we are going to use our handwriting skills to write complete words found inside the word




At the beginning, you don’t think you will find many but look closely and there are over 100!

We’re not expecting you to find them all but set yourself a challenge to write as many as you can. Can you find 20 or even 30? 


We will give you three clues to help you. 

  1. Write each letter on a different piece of paper so you can move them around

  2. Think about rhyming words

  3. ‘s’ can be used at the end of some words to make a plural.


Parents ... Please remember this is a handwriting activity and you need to closely watch how your child forms each of the letters. If there is a particular group of letters they are having difficulty with, then maybe you could focus on those letters at another time. You could make it a fun activity by using chalks, paints, water, cotton buds dipped in food colouring, etc. Seizing  every opportunity to improve their handwriting now, will make joining their letters so much easier in the future.