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We hope you enjoyed finding words inside the word minibeast last week.

How many did you manage and did it help you practise your handwriting?


This week we are linking your handwriting to your phonics.

It can be easy to think about your handwriting when you only have one letter or one word to write but it can be tricky when it is a whole sentence. 


So pop on your thinking caps and sharpen those pencils.


Here is the powerpoint you used to read your Phase 3 sentences last week. Read each sentence again and then using lined paper, write it carefully forming each letter correctly.

Remember to sit every letter on the line, make your tall letters touch the top line and write your zig zag letters with a straight diagonal line. 


As there are lots of sentences, you may want to write just two or three at a time and try really hard to form and size your letters correctly.


Happy handwriting Year 1!


Parents ... If your child is finding it particularly tricky to write these sentences onto lined paper, we have added some Phase 3 sentence handwriting sheets that may help. However, it is important that your child does not overly rely on these line guides.