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Capital Letters


In your Humanities activity this week, you are learning about the Christian story of Creation.

In this story, God creates a different part of our world each day until he has completed it and then makes Sunday a day of rest.


This week we are going to practise writing the days of the week forming all the letters correctly.

To begin this we need to look at how capital letters are formed as these can look very different to lower case letters. 

Here is a sheet for you to look at and practise each of the letters.

 Do you recognise them all?

Parents ... It may be worth checking if your child actually recognises all of the capital letters as many of these look different to how they usually identify them. If your child needs some practice at this, here are some matching sheets that may help.

As you can see, capital letters touch the top and the bottom line and never go under the line.

Start on the red dot and trace each letter with your finger first to make sure you go the correct way. 


Now you know how to form capital letters correctly, it’s time to practise writing the days of the week.

Use lined paper and begin a new line for each day.

You could use the sheet to remind you where to start each letter. 

Why don’t you use your colouring pens and use a different colour for each day?

You could make it look like a rainbow. 


We wonder which day you are doing this activity on?


Happy Handwriting Year 1!