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Capital Letters for Names


Last week we learned how to write capital letters and this week we are going to keep practising as some of them are proving tricky.

Here is the capital letter practice sheet again for you to have another go before our new activity.  Remember to start on the red dot and trace over each letter with your finger before reaching for your pencil.

Can you remember when we use capital letters? 

Put your thinking cap on and try and list as many as you can.

Watch this video clip of ‘The Coolest Hip Hop Granny in Town’ and see how many you got right.

Did you know them all?

This week we want you to use lined paper and write a sentence about each member of your family telling us somewhere they like to go.

Remember to put all the capital letters in the correct place.

Like this ….

My sister Kathryn likes to go to London to visit Buckingham Palace.

You can see that there are 5 capital letters in this sentence. 

How many will there be in your sentences?


Parents ... Please remember that this is a handwriting activity and your child may still need support to form and size letters correctly. Don’t worry if they do, at this stage handwriting will continue to be a target for most children until it becomes embedded and instinctive.


You can practise your skills with the Punctuation Pals and help Captain Capital defeat Captain Chaos.

Parents ... This is a quiz that your child can join in with. You may want to pause each question to give them a chance to look at each answer carefully before making their choice and explaining their reasons. 


Happy Handwriting Year 1!