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Creative Careful Colouring


Well done with your handwriting Year 1. 

Last week, all the teachers could see how hard you were trying with your handwriting and we are very proud of you.

It was great to see you trying so hard especially as you might not have been writing as much at home as if you had been in school.


As it is the last week of our Mad About Minibeasts topic and the last week of Year 1, we thought you would like to do some minibeast colouring. 


Parents ... Colouring helps develop hand strength which is important for all hand-related fine motor skills, especially handwriting. Writing takes strength and dexterity, and colouring helps exercise these muscles. It provides an opportunity to practise and develop many skills such as concentration, fine motor and coordination for handwriting skills and correct finger grip. It also gives the experience of creativity, colour awareness and developing a sense of achievement.


We have included a selection of pictures for you to print out and colour but remember to take your time and stay inside the lines to keep it neat. 

You could use your special pencils or pens you brought to school last week.


Have fun being creative!