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One Armed Robot Letters


To help your child form their letters correctly, please could you practise the following letters known as the ‘one armed robot letters’ ...


b, h, m, n, p, r, k


* NB the shape of the letter k that we use in school is different to the shape of the letter k in this type font please refer to the worksheet for the correct letter shapes - thank you!


Please make sure your child begins the letter at the top, go down towards the line and ‘bounce back up’ before finishing in the correct place. Please refer to the letter formation worksheet where the correct starting point is indicated with a green dot and the end point a red dot. Some children are in the habit of beginning these letters at the bottom on the line and this will hinder their progress when they need to develop their handwriting skills and start to learn how to correctly join their letters.


After they have practised these letters using the worksheet guide, please support your child to form the letters correctly on lined paper.  A 5 minute practise of these letters each day of the week would be excellent for consolidating these skills.


To make this activity more practical and fun perhaps your child could then use water and an old paint brush to ‘paint’ these letters on the path, driveway or wall. Can they think of words that include one or more of these letters eg mum, pram, help, etc.


Happy letter forming!

One Armed Robot Letters - worksheet