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One Armed Robot Letters


Last week you practised forming the one armed robot letters b, h, m, n, p, r, k correctly using a paintbrush and water to ‘paint’ them on the path.

* NB the shape of the letter k that we use in school is different to the shape of the letter k in this type font please refer to the worksheet for the correct letter shapes - thank you!


This week you could practise writing them with brightly coloured chalks, felt pens or crayons on large pieces of paper or on the back of some old wallpaper. You could even make a rainbow shape and fill each section with these letters in the correct rainbow colour. 

Don’t forget to display your pictures for everyone to admire when they are out on their daily walk.


Parents ….please refer to the letter formation worksheet so that you are able to help your child to begin and end these letters in the correct place. 

As with last week after they have practised these letters using the worksheet guide, please support your child to form the letters correctly on lined paper.  A 5 minute practise of these letters each day of the week would be excellent for consolidating these skills.


Happy letter forming!

One Armed Robot Letters - Worksheet