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Curly Caterpillar Letters


Now that you have mastered the ‘One Armed Robot’ letters,  let’s try working on another set of letters. c, a, d, g, q, e, s, f and o are called the ‘Curly Caterpillar’ letters because they all start with a curl. Some have a long line too but they still all begin with the curl first. 

Watch the video to see how to form each letter correctly.

Now it’s time to have a go yourself. You can use the following sheet to get you started. Why not try to write these letters using your special pens or even cotton buds dipped in watery paint or food colouring.


Take a look around your home and see how many items you can spot that begin with ‘Curly Caterpillar’ letters. Try and find two items for each letter and write them down.

Here are some examples.

  • c - cushion

  • s - settee

  • o - orange

Have fun searching!

Curly Caterpillar Letter Formation - Worksheet

Parents ... Forming letters correctly is important and children at this stage of their development need regular reminders to begin letters in the correct place. Please be mindful of this when children are completing any written work as incorrect formation can be difficult to correct.