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Curly Caterpillar Letters


As we are just starting our 'Mad About Minibeasts' topic and these are called ‘Curly Caterpillar’ letters we thought we would have one more week to practise them.


Curly Caterpillar Letters       c, a, o, q, g, d, e, s and f


Remember, all of the curly caterpillar letters begin with a curl. Some have a long line too but they still all begin with the curl first. If you need to remind yourself of how to form them correctly then you could watch this short video. 


Now it’s time to practise. On the worksheets carefully practise writing each letter correctly. You could trace over each letter with your finger first just to make sure you are beginning in the correct place and continuing in the correct direction. Then you will be ready to use your best pens or even finger paints.


Can you be a super curly catterpillar letter writer and practise writing these letters on lined paper?

It's harder to write the letters without tracing over the letters but practising your letters this way will really help you for when you are back in school and writing in your school books.

Have you got any curly caterpillar letters in your name?

Can you think of words you could write that start with a curly caterpillar letter?

Be clever with the caterpillars!


Parents ... Please watch your child’s letter formation throughout this activity as sometimes letters can appear to look as if they are correctly formed when they may not have been. Rather than completing all 3 sheets at once, it would be beneficial to spread the activity over the week and include some letter formation practise using lined paper. 

Curly Caterpillar Letters - Activity sheets