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International Dance Day - Wednesday 29th April


Why not celebrate International Dance Day with your family and keep fit at the same time. Choose one of your favourite songs and make up a dance to go with it. To make it easier you could think of 3 or 4 different moves, put them into a sequence and then repeat them. You could use the dance cards to help you plan and organise your dance.


Can you count as you perform each move. How many times will you repeat each move before moving to the next one?

Can you teach your dance to other members of your family?


Happy dancing!

Dance Cards

Being a Good Friend


We may not be able to see our friends right now, but being a good friend is an important skill to have and you’ll need these skills when you get to meet up with all of your friends again.


Take a look at this BBC Bitesize lesson. The lesson includes:

  • a video to get you active

  • two video clips about friendship between children

  • two practice activities

Being a good friend - Worksheet