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Family Sports Day


Usually at this time of year we would be enjoying Sports Day in school. 

Just because we can't all be together in school at the same time it doesn't mean you can't create your own Sports Day fun at home!


You might even like to make it a minibeast themed Family Sports Day … here are some ideas for possible races …

  • eight legged spider race

  • grasshopper hurdles

  • ant sprint relays

  • caterpillar crawls


Or you might prefer to have a more traditional theme to your Family Sports Day … here are some more ideas for possible races …

  • sack race - but you could use pillowcases instead of sacks

  • wheelbarrow race

  • egg and spoon race

  • welly throwing

  • obstacle course - you could crawl under a duvet cover, balance a book on your head and walk over a line of cushions set up as a homemade beam


What do you think of our suggestions? We’re sure you could come up with far more creative ideas than ours.


Make sure you think about taking turns, whose turn it is next and celebrating when others win.

How are you going to show how proud you are of everyone who has taken part?

Maybe you could make trophies or medals.


And don’t forget to prepare a station of healthy snacks and drinks to keep hydrated. You could write a menu of what’s available!


We’d love to see some action shots from your Family Sports Day fun. Remember you can share your home learning with us on the school Twitter feed.

We look forward to hearing all about the fun you had at your Family Sports Day when we share our news in school together.


Soooooo … on your marks, get set, GOOOOOOOO !!!