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Can you exercise like a sea creature?


This week are going to look at how creatures that live in the ocean move, and then use these ideas to help us with some exercise. Different creatures move in different ways. Some don’t have legs or arms like us, some have more legs than we do, some move sideways, some fly and some swim. 


Challenge 1: 

Have a look at the video below. It shows how different creatures move. 

How could you move like the bird? 

Can you see how the swimmer has copied how a fish moves in the water by keeping their arms and legs close to their body and moving up and down? How could you move like a fish?

Challenge 2:

Take a look at this video. It shows how lots of different sea creatures move. 

Under the sea: Ocean animal moves

Watch carefully. Can you see which creatures move fast and which move slowly? Do any move sideways or up and down? Which parts of their bodies are helping them to move? 


Now it’s your turn! Think about all the ways that the creatures have moved and try to put some sea creature movements together in a sequence.

Perhaps you could move sideways quickly like a crab with pinchy fingers, then flap gracefully like a seagull around in a circle, waddle like a penguin with your hands by your side, then finish by lying on your tummy on the floor and pushing up on your arms like a stretching walrus.


Have a think about each movement you do. How could you control your whole body and use different muscles? Which movements will be fast and which will be slow? How could you move from one movement to the next?


When you’ve practised your sequence, ask someone to watch you. If they look carefully, can they guess which creatures you have used for your ideas? Can they suggest any other sea creatures for you to move like?


Happy exercising!

No Need To Worry! 


Everyone has worries sometimes. Sometimes the worries seem big and sometimes they’re small. 

Have a listen to ‘The Huge Bag of Worries’. 

Jenny is finding it a challenge to cope with all of the thoughts in her head until an old lady has a helpful way to sort them all out. 

The Huge Bag of Worries

Draw a worry bag together and then draw some worry monsters. Discuss some worries that you both may have ... 

When will I see my friends again?

Why can't I go to school?

What will happen if I catch the virus?

When can I give grandma and grandpa a hug?


Happy talking!

Huge Bag of Worries - Worry Bag Challenge