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Squish the Fish Yoga


Watch and join in with Jaime as she takes you on a Cosmic Yoga adventure under the sea. 

See if you can copy all the movements, thinking about how you are controlling your body and moving your muscles. 

Enjoy playing football with the crabs and finding a treasure chest in the shipwreck. 

Which was your favourite part of the story? 

Squish the Fish - A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!


Plastic Pollution


This week we have been using lots of plastic when learning about capacity in maths, and dynamics in music. So what should you do with the plastic now? 

Take a look at the information below about plastic, and discuss what you see in the pictures. How do the pictures make you feel? 

What do you think people should be doing to keep our world and our oceans clear of plastic?


Plastic and the Environment

There are lots of ways we can help to spread the message about protecting our oceans. 

In this short story, the girl makes a poster about keeping rubbish out of the ocean then with the help of the sea creatures, they make the water clean again. 


A Whale's Tale

Plastic Pollution Challenge:

What could you make to encourage people to keep the oceans clean? 

You could make a model, a badge, a leaflet or poster.

We'd love you to share your ideas with us by posting an update on our school Twitter feed.