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Spell Your Name Game


In this activity you are going to use your name to do lots of different movements. 


Warm up:

Before we start, let’s get your body warmed up. Watch and join in with this action song. Try and use big actions to get your muscles all warmed up.

Walking Walking Hop Hop Hop Song

Well done! 

Now take a look at the actions on the ‘Spell Your Name Game’ pdf. Each letter has its own action, it’s a bit like a code. 

Spell out your full name (first name and surname), completing the action for each letter. 

Remember to think about control and speed to keep your heart rate up. 


Now choose a friend’s name, or a favourite character from a TV programme or film. Spell out their name and complete the action for each letter. 


Try to challenge someone in your house to follow the code and they can be a detective by guessing which name you were spelling. 


Happy moving!

Spell your Name Game - Activity Sheet

All About Me


Have a look at the video about Yonis and his identity. He tells you lots of things about his family, life and likes/dislikes. 


Listen and watch carefully and see if you can answer these questions.

  • Where does Yonis live? 
  • Does he go to a big or small primary school? 
  • What is his favourite subject? 
  • How is his school different to ours?

Use your Purple Mash 2Do ‘All about Me’ to make a poster all about you and your identity. Follow the prompts on the left of the screen to help you give information about- 

  • Family

  • Pets

  • Friends

  • Hobbies

  • Sport

We can’t wait to see your posters. Perhaps you could add in an interesting fact that we may not know about you!