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Wellbeing Challenge - Why are friends important?

Friends are important. It means that you have people to talk to and to have fun with. 


We understand that you can’t meet up with your friends at the moment and we know you may feel sad or disappointed about that. The good news is that you can also feel excited and happy when you think about seeing them all again!


So what makes a friend? Have a look at the children in this video telling us their ideas.


It’s important to remember that we are all different. We know some of you like to have a big group of friends and some of you prefer to play in smaller groups. Some of you like to run around and play noisy games and some of you prefer to sit and talk. Some of you have known each other since before you started school and some of you have only recently joined our school. Being a good friend and having friends is important and these are skills that we work hard on in school. We often have different groups of friends that we like to do different things with. We are all different and that’s one of the many things that make us special.


Have a think about all of the friends that you have and the special things that you like to do with your friends:

  • Playground friends - Think about the friends you like to play with in the playground. What do you like to play? What makes these friends special?

  • Classroom friends - Think about the friends you work with in class. How do they help make learning fun? Why do you like working with them?

  • Out of school friends - Think about the friends that you see outside school. What different things do you like to do outside school?


Aren’t you lucky to have different friends in different places that like to do different things! 


Now that you’ve had time to think, it’s time to log into PurpleMash and complete your Me and My Friends 2Do.  Use the prompts on the left hand side to help you think about the different friends that you have, what makes them a fabulous friend, what you like to do together and what makes you a good friend to them. 


You might want to also tell us how you have been keeping in touch with your friends … do you wave as you walk past their house, do you speak to them on the phone, have you written them a letter or had a virtual friends meet up?


Let’s hope we will all be back in school soon so that we can enjoy seeing, playing and working with our friends.

It’s great to have happy things to look forward to!

Health Challenge - Brilliant Balancing 


Take a look at these minibeasts. They are so small, but are using coordination and balance to move large materials to their habitats.


Do you have good coordination? Have you got good balancing skills? 


Today’s challenge is a minibeast balancing challenge: 

  1. Find a thin and tall object that won’t break if it falls (make sure you check it with a grown-up). You could choose a tall thin plastic container/an upside down empty plastic milk bottle/a tall empty cling film box or tube/a roll of green recycling bags. 

  2. Now stretch out your hand and try to balance the object on it, making sure that the thinnest part of your object is on your palm.

  3. How many counts can you balance it for? 


Did you manage it? What made it tricky? 


In this BBC video, the clown learns some top tips on how to balance a feather on her hand. 


Now using the top tips, see if you can balance your object for longer without it falling down. 

Was it easier this time? What did you need to do to keep the object balanced? 


Now you are a super balancer, have a go at this extra challenge. 

First, decide on a start and finish line that are about 8 big steps apart. 

Try and balance the object on your hand from the start to the finish line. It may wobble around, but it shouldn’t fall off.  


Well done! Super balancing!