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Cosmic Yoga – Arnold the Ant 


Join Jaimie as she takes you on a yoga adventure with Arnold the Ant. Arnold is a tiny ant with big dreams. He lives in an apple but wants to go to space. 

As you join in with Jamie, remember to control all your movements, thinking about your breathing and how you are moving your body and muscles.  

Enjoy listening to the story as you follow Jaimie on this yoga adventure. 


A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - Arnold the Ant

Wellbeing: Appreciating The World Around Us

Let's Talk About Trees

We are fortunate to live in an area that has lots of trees. Trees can provide shade when it is hot and some shelter when it rains. They can be a climbing frame or lend a branch to hang or swing from.  

As well as being fun for us, each tree is like it’s very own city, a habitat where lots of different minibeasts and creatures live. 


This week, we are encouraging you to think about the world around you. 

Talk to your grown-up about what you think would happen if we didn’t have trees around us. What would the streets and gardens look like? Who would it affect if there were no trees? What would you miss about them? 


Have you ever explored the area around you and looked at how many different types of trees there are? 

When you go on a walk, have a look at all the different shaped leaves and see if you can find any trees that are the same. How many different species of tree do you see? 


If you take the ‘Tree Identification Sheet’ with you, it will help you to find out the names of the different trees that you find, and you can mark how many of each tree you see. 

Tree Identification Sheet