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Respecting Differences 


We are all different and that makes the world a wonderful and interesting place to live. 

In this video, Sean is unable to hear. He is deaf.  Did you know, there are 12,000 children in the U.K who were born deaf? 


Watch the video and then see if you can answer these questions.  

  • How does Sean communicate with people?  

  • What do his friends do to make him feel included and make sure he isn’t left out?  

  • Can you remember any of the signs that you saw in the video?  


In this activity, you are going to learn some signs for minibeasts.  

Look carefully at how the ladies sign the words in this video. If you are right-handed, your right hand will do most of the signs. If you are left-handed, your left hand will do most of the signing.  

When you are signing, it is important that you say the words as well so that people can lip read.


MINIBEASTS - Singing Hands

When you are out and about this week and you spot a minibeast. See if you can remember the sign. 



If you have enjoyed learning these makaton signs, you could watch some of the other ‘Singing Hands’ videos on youtube to learn some other signs.  


Happy signing!


Dancing at the Bug Ball


Exciting news! It is time for the annual Bug Ball! 

Have a look at this video to find out what happens there.  


Ugly Bug Ball

Did you see how the minibeasts danced? They looked like they were having a lot of fun! 


It’s time for you to join them at the Bug Ball (... wings optional!)


First of all you’ll need to make up some dance moves. 

Think ...

  • How would a worm dance? 

  • How would a butterfly move? 

  • What dance moves would a beetle have? 

  • Would a slug move quickly or slowly? 

  • Which minibeast do you think would have the best dance moves? 


Now put some of your moves together in a sequence. 

You may wriggle like a worm for 10 counts, then flap gracefully like a butterfly in a circle for 10 counts, then jump forwards and backwards like a cricket 10 times. 


Can you think of your own sequence? 

Here are some action cards to help you if you need some ideas …


Minibeast Action Cards

When you’ve practised your dance sequence you could replay the Bug Ball video and dance along with your minibeast dance. 


Happy dancing!