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Coco the Butterfly Cosmic Yoga


In this activity we are going to follow the story of Coco the Butterfly.

She is not sure how to cope with the change from caterpillar to butterfly and is a bit nervous. 

Follow her story as she learns how to be happy with her new wings. 


Remember to think about your body and muscles when you are copying the movements.

Move carefully and gently as you follow Janie’s instructions.


Coco the Butterfly - A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

Wellbeing -  Coping with change


* Before starting this activity, please listen to the ‘Cautious Caterpillar’ story in this week's Reading Comprehension activity.


Cody was a bit cautious about changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly wasn’t she.

It was new, but she actually learnt that change can be fun and exciting.  


Can you believe that you are coming to the end of your time in Year 1?

Have a look at this powerpoint with an adult. Try to answer the questions about the story, and then talk about how you are feeling about your change from Year 1 to Year 2. 


When we first met you and saw your smiling faces in our classrooms last September, none of us would have thought that some of your Year 1 learning would be done at home!

It’s been a different year for all of us, but you have adapted, tried hard and shown us how mature you are becoming with your learning. 

We are really proud of you all and confident that you are ready to spread your butterfly wings and become a Year 2 pupil! 


Let’s enjoy our last few weeks together in Year 1 and keep learning to get ready for Year 2.