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Health and Wellbeing Tasks Week 10

How are you going to celebrate International Picnic Day?

Who will you have a picnic with?
Will it be your family, your toys, or just a snack on your own?

How will you plan your picnic?
Will you need to write a shopping list? (There is a shopping list template below)
What will be on your menu- check you have all of the correct ingredients.

Think about how you will present your food- will you use cutters to make your sandwiches more interesting?

Will you display your fruit cut up into pieces?

What about treats?


Don't forget to take pictures of your picnic to show your Teachers! 

Sesame Street: Summoned to the King's Picnic

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom on a beautiful sunny day, the King decided to have a picnic and so he invited everybody to his castle.


Happy Father's Day ! Sul y tadau hapus!


How will you make your Daddy's day special?

*  make him a card?

*  bake him a cake?

*  give him extra hugs?

*  make him breakfast in bed?

*  go on a bike ride together?


Below are lots of ideas for cards and activities to help make you Dad's day special! Go on spoil him!