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Health and Wellbeing Tasks Week 4

The Way I Feel

Watch the video and listen to the poem. 

Think about how you are feeling today- you might want to discuss it with someone in your family. Remember, it is ok to feel not ok- just make sure you tell someone about it.

You could use the feelings sheets or mood monsters below or even draw your feelings using your Purple Mash 2Do.
Can you remember how to say how you feel in Welsh? You could write some sentences using Purple Mash or JIT, or even record yourself speaking welsh and upload it using JIT or j2homework

The Way I Feel.mp4

Still image for this video

29th April is International Dance Day.

International Dance Day is a worldwide event that celebrates all types of dance.
How can you celebrate International Dance Day?

Could you have a dance-off with members of your family?
Hold your own dance competition- there are resources below for you to give your family points for their dances!
Listen to different styles of music and create your own dance?
You could use the picture cards below to create a sequence of movements for you family to copy and perform to your favourite song!
Create an animation using Purple Mash or JIT .. can your character dance like you? Can you add music to your animation?