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Sending a Postcard


Discuss with your child about why and when we usually send postcards. 

Do you have any that you have received that you could look at together?

Who sent it and where is it from? Why did they send it to you?

Talk about what goes on the front of a postcard and what goes on the back.

Why are they different? What are the most important features?


Talk together and discuss the phrase ‘Wish You Were Here!’


At the moment we need to stay at home as we can’t travel to different parts of the country or world. However that doesn't mean we can't send a postcard. 

Can you think of someone that would love to receive a postcard from you?


Write a postcard and send it to a person who would love to hear your news. On the front of the postcard draw pictures and on the back of the postcard use words to tell them what you have been up to and the things you are looking forward to doing with them when you see them next. Post your postcard when you are on your daily walk and see if you get a reply. Maybe you could bring your reply into school and you can share it with your friends.   


Happy designing! Happy writing! Happy walking to the post box!