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Home Sweet Home Story Activities

This is the story of a house that sets off on an epic journey.

The film's makers were inspired by the derelict Detroit housing projects. 

Pause and describe the opening scenes.  Ask for reasons why the homes may be derelict. Discuss if they would like to live there.   If they didn’t want to what would they do? 


Show images of the different houses, do they have different personalities?  What do they think as our hero, Blue house, walks past?

Create a story board that shows the events of the film.


Stop the film at different points and write the conversation between characters - for example what are they saying to each other when they are under the bridge in the rain?  What do they say to each other at the end when Blue leaves Garage on the beach?


What is Blue thinking when he sees the big White house at 2m 40 secs?  Describe this house, maybe like we would describe a beautiful princess.


Write instructions or an explanation detailing how to look after a pet kennel.


Discuss the Tornado sequence, how did it feel?  Focus on sights, sounds, feelings, smells etc. How could you describe this using 2Ad sentences or List, list and list.


Think about the end - Does Blue just leave garage on the beach?  Why?  Is garage happy?


Write an alternative ending - where does Blue go next?  Who does he meet?

Look at the pictures. Select one picture to describe. Can you sequence the pictures in your own order to create a brand new story?