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A-fish-metic - Purple Mash 2Do Activity

A-fish-metic - Purple Mash 2Do Activity 


It is really important to keep practising your number skills. This Purple Mash 2Do maths game is a fishtastically fun way to do just that!


You have 3 lives, shown by the anchors at the top of the screen, and have to answer 10 fishtastically fun counting questions to help you find the treasure chest.  If you manage to find the treasure chest click on the chest to claim your prize. Happy counting!


When you have played this game please DO NOT click on 'hand in'! If you click on 'hand in' you won't be able to play the game again! Please keep this 2Do open all week so that you can practise your number skills every day. Purple Mash sends us a report each time you play the game and your score so don't worry we'll still be able to see all the amazing work you are doing.


Parents ... in the later rounds of this game some of the number of fish that need to be counted are above 10 so it is really important that you sit with your child and support them in counting and recognising numbers as they get trickier (up to 15).  

In Nursery we look at and practise counting beyond twenty regularly to encourage the children to become familiar with larger numbers.

Here are some more fun counting activities to help you practise your number skills ...

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