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My Dream Garden


In the first week of our 'Mad About Minibeasts' topic, you made a ‘Minibeast Map’ of your garden to record where you found all the different minibeasts that live in your garden. 

If you still have it you might want to use it for this week’s challenge.


This week we would like you to think about your garden and how you could make it even better so that it becomes your Dream Garden.

It would be like a mini lockdown makeover!


First of all you will need to go and look in your garden and decide what you like and want to keep and what you don’t like and would like to change. 

Is there something that you have always wanted for your garden?

Maybe you could think about including it in your new plan.

However, you will also need to consider who else uses your garden.

You could interview each of your family, using a microphone of course, and ask them what they use the garden for and what they would like you to include in the new plan.


Remember the ‘Minibeast Map’ that you drew at the start of this topic?

It's not just about people!

You need to think about all the minibeasts that use your garden too.


You should now have lots of ideas about what to include in your Dream Garden but how will you fit it all in?

Look at the size and shape of your garden as that is something you cannot change.

Will you have to make some choices about what can be included or is there room for even more ideas?

Once you are happy with your ideas, use this Dream Garden Map or a plain piece of paper to draw a plan of your new dream garden.

Remember to use symbols and write down what each symbol means.

My Dream Garden Plan

Now spend a moment to reflect on your design.

Have you included something special for you?

Have you managed to include all the features your family have asked for?

Are there still suitable habitats for all your minibeast visitors?

Finally, do you like the look of your new Dream Garden?


Log onto Purple Mash and look for the Dream Garden 2Do.

This is a MashCam activity where you can take a photo of your face and insert it into the gardener picture and then write about the best features of your Dream Garden in the speech bubble text box.


Now for the really fun bit.

Please record yourself telling us all about your new Dream Garden.

You may want to have the map in front of you so that you can talk about each of the special features you have included and who they are for.

Remember, we won't be able to see your map so you are going to need to use your words to describe it all to us.


Enjoy Year 1 and we will look forward to listening to your voices and hearing all about your Dream Gardens.