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Town or Countryside


Do you remember a few weeks ago, we asked you to write about 3 places in Cardiff you liked the best?

You did an amazing job and the teachers couldn't believe how many different places you chose. 

Cardiff is a busy place with so many things to see and do. 

Are all places the same?

Can everyone go and see the same things as us?


This week we are going to compare the countryside with the town and see if we can find out what is the same and what is different.

Let’s start with a quiz. Talk to your family and share what you know already.

1. Which city do you live in?

2. What is your address?

3. Name 3 things you like about where you live.

4. Do you think you live in the town or the countryside?

5. How do you know?

6. Can you think of 3 differences between the town and the countryside?


Now you have started to think about the differences between the town and countryside, get yourself comfy and watch this story all about the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse

As you can see, there are many differences between the countryside and the town.


Think about question 6 of your quiz again. Is it easier to name the differences now?


Take a look at this sheet and see if you can decide whether these things belong in the town, the countryside or both?

Now that you can compare these two places, what do you like about each one?

Which one would you prefer to live in?        

Can you explain to a grown up why?


Well done Year 1, super Geography problem solving work!


If you have enjoyed learning about different places, maybe you would like to watch Barnaby Bear and Becky go on a ramble in the countryside, what makes a perfect town in Biggleton or for something a bit different, you could listen to Mr Bloom talking about a famous composer who wrote a piece of music after his long walk in the countryside.