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Wish You Were Here


Support your child to use a globe, atlas or a map to find different places you have visited or been on holidays to. Compare how far away they are and talk about the different ways you travelled to get there.


Now encourage your child to choose somewhere new that they would like to go to … it can be anywhere in the world!  Ask various questions to find out why they want to go there and what they would do when they were there.


For inspiration, your child could look at some Cbeebies ‘Where in the world?’ programmes or watch Barnaby Bear on Youtube.


Use books and the internet to research this new destination and find out about the distance, the climate, the currency, local attractions and look at pictures to see what it is like. Once armed with their research and interesting facts, please support your child to complete the allocated Purple Mash 2Do task as they write about their holiday destination of choice.