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Old and New Seaside Holidays


So far in this topic we have been thinking about the holidays we have been on or the holidays we would like to go on. We all love holidays ... which is why we are missing being able to go on holidays now. Holidays have been an important part of peoples lives for a long time. This week we are going to think about holidays a long time ago and how they are the same or different to the holidays we enjoy today.


To help the children to appreciate how different holidays were in the Victorian era, watch Magic Grandad The Beach. As you watch the programme together also talk about some of the more subtle differences that your child may not notice eg. money, clothing, hairstyles, food, cameras, sun cream, attitudes, etc.

The Beach - Magic Grandad

Now think about holidays that you have been on as a family. How do they compare to the Magic Grandad programme? What is the same? What is different?


Use the Purple Mash 2Do ‘Old and New Seaside holidays’ to help you show what you have found out. Can you use sentences and pictures to show the differences between Victorian holidays and holidays we have today. Use the prompts on the left and the pictures on the right to help you.  We can't wait to see what you have found out.

Whilst we don't have any family members who were alive in Victoria times ... holidays have change a lot since Victorian times ... talk to or Facetime someone in your family and ask them to share with you where they went on holiday when they were younger? How does this compare to the holidays you have had or the one you watched with Magic Grandad?


Happy detective work!