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Through My Bedroom Window


How often have you looked out of your bedroom window? 

Close your eyes. Can you picture the view now? 


Without popping to check, draw a picture of what you can see from your bedroom window. Think carefully, have you remembered everything? 

Through My Bedroom Window - Worksheet

Now take your drawing and look out of your bedroom window. Check what you have drawn with what you can see. 

How much did you remember? Add the things you may have forgotten.


The world is made up of two kinds of features. 

There are natural features like mountains, rivers and trees and these have been created by nature.  

There are man-made features such as roads, buildings and street lights and these have been created by people. 


Look at your picture. Can you identify the natural and man made features? Are there more natural or man-made features? What type of features do you prefer? What do you think the view from your bedroom window would have looked like a long time ago? How do you think the features you can see will change in the future?

Talk to a grown up about your ideas and what you have learned. 


When you are out and about enjoying your hour of daily exercise see how many different natural and man-made features you can find.


Happy exploring!