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Visit Cardiff


Cardiff is an amazing city and we are very lucky to call it home. We know it hasn’t been possible to visit the many attractions that are in Cardiff recently but we hope when you watch this video, you will remember seeing and visiting lots of them.

Best places to visit in Cardiff

We hope you recognised many of the attractions from the video. We wonder how many you have been to with your family? Have a chat and maybe look at some photographs from your travels. Who did you go with? What did you see and do when you were there? Which one was your favourite? Share your memories of your school visits to St Fagan’s and Cardiff Museum. 


If you still need some inspiration then you can look on the Visit Cardiff website where they have lots more attractions from in and around the city. 

Your challenge is to choose 3 Cardiff Attractions and to write about them on Purple Mash. The format has already been set as your 2Do.

You will need to use your research skills to find important and interesting  information about each of the 3 attractions you have chosen. There are some prompts on the left hand side of the 2Do page if you need them. Please try to use some describing words when you write about the attractions you have chosen and remember to give your opinion as to why you have chosen each of these places. There is also a space to put some photographs or pictures. We would love to see photographs of you at these places but if not, then either import photographs you can find online or use some of the appropriate pictures on the right hand side of your 2Do page. 



We can’t wait to read your work and maybe plan to visit some of these places once we are able to go out and about again. Fingers crossed it will be very soon. 


If you have time, you may want to colour the Welsh flag and have a look at this map of Wales.

Can you identify where Cardiff is? Maybe you can locate some other places that are special to you and your family.

We know lots of you like to visit Tenby but where exactly is it …? 


Have fun finding out about our fantastic city!

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