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Minibeast Map


* This Geography ‘Minibeast Map’ mapping skills challenge links with this week’s ‘Minibeast Detective’ Science challenge. Please complete the science activity before starting to work on this activity. 


From your Science learning this week you will have learnt that to be a super ‘Minibeast Detective’ it is important to understand what minibeasts are and where they like to go. 

Take a look at this Minibeast Habitat Powerpoint to see if you can discover any new facts about the wonderful creatures and where to look for them. We wonder how many of these minibeasts you found living in your garden!

Minibeast - Powerpoint

 Think about all those amazing minibeasts that you found and where you found them. Your challenge is to make a simple plan, a ‘Minibeast Map’ of your back garden to show where the different minibeasts live. You might remember in school you designed your own symbols and drew your own plan when you were designing a park. 


A plan is different from a picture. In a picture we can add lots of detail and colour. A plan needs to be clear and accurate. It can sometimes be called a ‘bird’s eye’ or ‘aerial’ view as you need to imagine what your garden would look like if you were up in the air looking down or a bird flying over your garden.


You will also need to include a key and design your own symbols to show the main features. Remember the key should be an aid to help someone read your map more easily. Symbols just like the plan need to be clearly drawn and don’t make them too complicated because when you are drawing them on your ‘Minibeast Map’ you need to draw them exactly as you have on your key. If you found some minibeasts in more than one micro-habitat in your garden you need to repeat that symbol in each of the different locations.

To make your plan you could use the template we have included below or draw your plan on a plain piece of paper.


When you have finished your plan give it to someone else in your family to test out. Can they find the different minibeasts habitats by following your plan?


Happy minibeast mapping!

My Minibeast Map - template