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Humanities Tasks Week 10

Children…it is over to you again this week. Well done for keeping such a close eye on your adults and their recycling last week.
This week you will become Eco Monitors and you will be checking to see if they have turned the lights off, turned the taps off and are saving energy in the home
You could even try the challenge yourself to show them how to do it! 


You can use the template we have included below or you can make your own checklist.

Will you have a set time everyday that you will check the lights are off in rooms that aren't being used?

Will you have a set time each day to make sure the taps are turned off?


You could plan....

  Taps off? Lights off ?  Chargers off?
9 am      
11 am      


but it is up to you! 

When you have completed your monitoring for the week, you will need to write a report. What did you find? Can you refer to you results to back up your statements or can you even add a chart or a graph to your report. You can use Purple Mash or JIT MIX to present your work, or you can write it to show your Teachers. 

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