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Humanities Tasks Week 4

Let’s continue to look at houses and homes. What is your favourite room in your house? Answer the questions on our Home Learning page or using j2homework.  What does your family think? Do any of you have the same answer? How could you record your answers? You could you Purple Mash 2Graphs or JIT Chart.
Can you design and build the house you live in using your Purple Mash 2Do… or even junk modelling! Don’t forget to send us a picture !

Let’s start going back in time-Can you become a historian? Take a look at the web page below to give you a helping hand.

How have houses changed over time? Watch the video about kitchens and cooking at home. How are things different to your kitchen now? Is anything the same?  How could your record your ideas?

Click on the link below if you would like to find out how to take a virtual tour of St Fagans. Compare the houses with your house. How many similarities and differences can you find? 

Look at lights, furniture, gardens, kitchens and bathrooms. What materials were used? Do all the houses have electricity and running water?