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Humanities Tasks Week 6

In 1450, a sailing ship was invented to travel around Europe, which moved due to the wind pushing its sails.

The first railway trains were powered by steam and were invented by George Stephenson in 1814.

A horse and carriage was the most common way to travel until the invention of the motor car in 1883.

The first motor-driven aeroplane was invented in 1903


Let’s travel back in time and take a look at how transport has changed over the years… and how it may change in the future- you could be designing a car/bus that we all travel on in 50 years!

I wonder how your Grandparents and Great-Grandparents travelled?

What did the transport in Cardiff look like when Mummy and Daddy were little?

How will you find out about changes over time?

Will you use the internet? Will you use books? Will you interview over the phone?

Watch: Magic Grandad - 90 Years Ago (Cars and No Cars) 1993

But what will transport look like in the future? Can you design a car of the future? Use the videos to help you. 

The Terrafugia TF-X™ (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Future Public Transport - Next Generation Transportation System.mp4

Still image for this video
Look at the adverts below. They are all tryiing to sell transport. Think about your own design of future transport that you have recently created. Can you design your own advertisement that can persuade people to buy it?