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Humanities Tasks Week 9

Recycling Labels - What Do They Mean?

Children- this is your time to keep an eye on the adults in your house! You are going to become recycling spies this week! How much are the adults recycling? How many green bags are being put out for the bin men/women this week?


Before it goes in the bin
You could put a chart next to the bin for the adults to tick off what and how much they are recycling. Remember, your chart may need to include types of materials of you are going to sort the items further, and somewhere to tally and total your results.


Once it is in the bin!

Have a look in your recycling bin and choose 20 items. Please be careful and put gloves on or work with an adult if you need to. Can you sort them according to the material they are made of?


Count how many you have of each item or material you have recorded. How can you use technology to present your work? Can you use Purple Mash 2Graph? JIT MIX to insert your JIT Chart into a presentation slide with text? Or will you decide to write or record your findings?


When you present your report, you will need to think about..

Did you have the same number of any items or materials?
What was the most popular item or material to recycle?

What was the least popular item or material to recycle?

Did you have to remind the adults to recycle at any point of the week?

How many items in total did you recycle?
Do you think you can recycle more next week?


Your Year 2 Teachers will be keeping a record of how many items they recycled and will let you know how they got on at the end of the week! Pob lwc!