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In the Jungle

Jungle Home Learning Challenges

Jungle Facts

An interesting introduction with some lists of animals you might want to find out more about on slides 7-9. 

Warning for any arachnophobes, you might want to be leaning away from the screen for slide 6!!

What Am I?

Some tricky clues so you might need to add in a few more of your own to enable your child to guess correctly.  A really nice activity that could be recreated with facts about other animals you research together.

Read or see Stories and Rhymes Section for Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson.

Counting Jungle Animals (to 10)

This activity can be done without printing the sheet.  Any toy animals can be lined up for your child to count and the answer either found and matched up using number cards or formed in a tray of sand or rice or similar.

Counting Jungle Animals

This task will be really useful to model for your child how you count objects when they are not in a straight line.  Talk about how you approach the problem (eg crossing off animals as you count) and why it is effective.  Help your child to count the animals and support them in finding and copying the answers from a number line, using yellow pen to enable them to overwrite if necessary.

Pencil Control Sheets

Hopefully you will be practising the pre writing shapes as often as you can (Literacy section).  These are more sheets on a theme if your child is enjoying them.  Remember they can use lots of different pens and go over the lines several times.

Jungle Sounds Story

If you are feeling particularly creative you could use your voices or percussion instruments to make different animals sounds, put on your best jungle explorer attire then go on a pretend journey through the jungle, taking care to step carefully over the snake and hide from that hungry looking tiger!!

CBeebies Links

Jungle Songs

Can you sing along to some of these songs?  Do you recognise any of them? Which is your favourite?

Jungle Phase 2 Phonics Hot Spot

Look at the different 'hot spots' on the jungle picture.  Can you name the object or animal and say what letter sound it begins with? Click on the cross to see if you were right! 

Jungle Animal Colouring pictures

Can you find out the true colours of each animal and colour them using the correct colours? 

Jungle Counting Sheet

Print off the sheet and count how many animals there are in each set.  Try to write the numeral independently by copying from a number line or ask a grown up to write it in yellow pen/highlighter for you to trace over. 

Rumble in the Jungle

Read along with one of our favourite stories

Hanging Monkeys

Match the word to the correct picture in this interactive game.

Five Little Monkeys

Sing along with one of our favourite counting songs!