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Jungle Explorers - Purple Mash 2Do Activity

Jungle Explorers


The word explore means to travel into or through something. So to be a jungle explorer that means you are going to travel into the JUNGLE!!!!! (... unfortunately we can't go there for real but we know you all have super imaginations!)

Have you ever been to a jungle? What do you think a jungle is like? How would you get to the jungle? What would you need to take with you? How far away do you think it is? Which animals do you think are dangerous? Why are they dangerous? How different is the jungle to where we live? What would we wear there?


Look at these jungle pictures to help you. Can you use your senses to help you describe what you think it would be like in a jungle ...

I can see ...?

I can hear ...?

I feel ...?

I can smell ...?

I can taste ... ? (... be careful what you taste there are some pretty poisonous animals out there!!!)

Those were great jungle ideas. Well done! You're a great jungle explorer. And you are starting to discover the jungle is home to lots of different plants and animals. But some animals are really good at hiding and you have to look really closely to find them. Can you spot the jungle animals playing hide and seek in these photos? Talk to your grown up about why you think the animals play hide and seek. How do even the really big animals manage to hide?

(You might want to make some jungle explorer binoculars out of some carboard tubes to help you look for the jungle animals!) 

The jungle is really big and full of surprises. There are lots of animals still being discovered all around the world! Just imagine there is an animal that lives deep in the jungle that has never been discovered before and you are the lucky jungle explorer that discovers it. Talk to your grown up about your ideas.

Where does the animal live?   (in a tree, on the ground, in the water ...)

How does it move?   (e.g. fly, run, swim, jump ...)

What does it eat?   (e.g. plants, insects, other animals, fish ...)

What does it look like?   (e.g. tall/short, big/small, fur, feathers, scales ...)

What colour is it?   (Think about how the animals who were good at hide and seek used colour to camouflage themselves or does your animal what to be bright and colourful to attract attention to itself!)

How does it protect itself?   (e.g. poison, sharp teeth/claws, thick skin, spikes ...)

What is it called?


We know that our super adventurous and super creative jungle explorers will have lots of amazing animal ideas. Now it's time to log into your Purple Mash account and access your 'My Jungle Animal' 2Do. In this 2Do we would like you to draw a picture of the jungle animal you have discovered. Use the different colours and textured paintings and remember you can change the size of the brush using the slider in the bottom left hand corner. Don't forget if you make a mistake just click on the undo button! When you have finished your drawing ask your grown up to click on the Abc in the bottom left of the page and type your sentence telling us the name of your animal and at least one amazing fact about it! We can't wait to see what you have discovered hiding deep in the jungle!

Mr Tumble Jungle Animals

Mr Tumble has also been exploring in the jungle! Watch this video to find out what different animals he found.