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Jungle Animal Pairs - Purple Mash 2Do Activity

Jungle Animal Pairs


Matching Jungle Animals Game - Purple Mash 2Do

This game can be played again and again as the cards are reshuffled after each game.  Show your child how to chose two cards, remember what they are, and either click or wait for them to turn back over.  Repeat until they find a pair.  The timer counts down ten minutes but it might be more fun to take turns choosing cards with a partner to see who finds the most cards.

Pairs Games

If you have a pairs game at home encourage your child to play it with you.  Begin with just five pairs initially and increase the number of pairs by one every time you play.   Use every opportunity to ask your child to count - the cards that you are starting with, the cards that they have at the end of the game, the number of cards left half way through the game. 

Your child might also like to turn all of the cards picture up and match the cards as quickly as they can.

Jungle Pairs Game

If you would like to print a pairs game then there is a set of jungle animal pictures below.  There is only one of each card in this template so you might initially want to choose just one page to print twice and that will give you eight pairs (16 cards altogether).