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Last week we gave you some useful hints and tips for your reading and writing which we hope that you found informative. We will keep this section uploaded on our website so that you can go back and refer to it if needed. Now that we know you are at home for an extended period of time we felt that many of you may be keen to continue with phonics and reading so we have outlined below what you can do at home if you would like...



As you will already know we have a phonics section on the Reception school website page (link below) which you can use during each week of home learning to help continue your child's phonics learning journey entitled 'Phonics during Home Learning'.  Please do not worry if this provides too great a workload for you at home as we will be revisiting and doing these sounds on return to the classroom. We know that it isn't possible or realistic for you to provide a full phonics teaching package during home learning and we have carefully planned how to develop phonics during this time and on your return to school to maximise your child's phonics experience and progress.


Simply click on the Phase that your child is currently in - Phase 2 or Phase 3. You will know which phase by the materials they have been bringing home prior to Christmas.  In each section we have now linked to a online taught phonics session. Play this video at the beginning of your phonics learning at home to give you a great foundation. 


For those studying Phase 2 we advise that you go through the resources either starting from week one and building these up each week or by selecting the sounds that you know your child has difficulty in recognising and using.


For those studying Phase 3 we advise that you go begin by selecting the sounds that you know your child has difficulty in recognising and using from the first three weeks we have already taught in school to create a firm foundation. Then each week we will upload a new set of sounds that you can learn at home with your child that follows the phase 3 scheme. 


Have fun!


We appreciate that it is difficult to continue with reading as we would usually do. We have a fantastic new scheme and range of books that we would love for your children to have and be using right now, however this is not possible. Instead, you can access a range of reading materials online as well as utilise some of the reading activities you may get in the phonics section or in our daily home learning activities.  Don't worry too much however, as daily phonic flashcards and practising of high-frequency words will greatly support your child's development in reading. 


Below are links to online reading resources that you may find helpful over the next few weeks...



Please find below your daily activities....