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Riddle Writing


We thought we would start our new topic Commotion in the Ocean with a fun writing task - writing sea creature riddles!  


Can the children write some tricky riddles to test out on other members of the family? 

We wrote some riddles about pets/animals in our last topic in school. Remind the children how we started with “tricky”/more general clues moving towards more specific clues at the end of the riddle. It’s important not to start with a specific clue as the riddle will be too easy to guess.


There is an accompanying Powerpoint (please see below) which would be a good starting point to help your child think of clues. They might also find the fact cards helpful when trying to identify interesting or unusual information to add to their riddle descriptions.


Under the Sea - What am I? game

Under the Sea - Fact Cards

Try to encourage your child to include adjectives and adverbs to describe what their sea creature looks like and how it moves. Can they draw a picture of their sea creature at the bottom of their riddle? Remember to cover it with a flap of paper so the answer is hidden. 


We would love to read and try to solve the riddles when we get back to school!

Happy riddle writing!