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Learning in a Topic Context

The elves are busy working super hard to wrap presents because Santa will have to start loading up the sledge soon. But they have a BIG problem ... they are starting to run out of wrapping paper! Look at the different designs of wrapping paper Santa used in the 'Dear Santa' book, can you help by designing and making some Christmas wrapping paper. You might like to print some patterns using potato printing or finger printing or you could draw some pictures to cut out and stick on the paper. We're sure Santa will be really impressed with your ideas.


The elves like to dance and sing when they are making toys. There is always music playing in Santa's Workshop. Can you make a musical shaker to help keep the elves happy as they work. Ask your grown up for an empty plastic bottle with a lid and pop in some dry rice or pasta in it. Think about how you could like to decorate it. The elves favourite colours are red and green! 


We all know how much the elves like to dance so it's no surprise that they're favourite television program is Strictly Come Dancing. Can you dance like an elf and make up a dance to your favourite Christmas song or carol. Why not start with this fab and fun Cosmic Kids Yoga activity.

Christmas Special - A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Santa has been working so hard is due a well deserved holiday. On Boxing Day, he usually likes to go to go on holiday to Australia but this year because of COVID 19 his travel plans have changed and he's having to stay at the North Pole. Santa is sad because he can't go to Australia so the elves have asked for your help. Can you design a T-shirt for Santa to wear when he's on holiday.